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The first response to your question would be, - yes what a shame, but there is the budget, the people, the project of the day first.

As has pointed out, the first problems seems to be to find the way (hardware, new or old) to read the media, tape or what ever. The next problem is to understand, find out, what those bits, the record, actually represents.

The rest like the language is probably less difficult.

There is an immense amount of data lying around from space exploration, from several countries, that will never be used.

Is that a problem, probably not, as there is an immense amount of new data created all the time.

It's the same in many other fields too, there is more stuff in museums about what not, that will never be studied in detail.

It's a bit like having a bunch of people, and a budget, to watch each new video on YouTube, they will never catch up.

And my point, FORTRAN, summer 1967, Helsinki University, free of charge, how smart we felt about it, and it was all IBM, of course.

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