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"Yep, all those lawyers who work for the homeless or for absued children, or who help you make sure your scumbag neighbour isn't tossing dog doo into your garden -- all villains."

That's why we don't say "all". All stereotypes that claim to speak for all people are bad. But that doesn't change the point that it seems a bit bad that a settlement against google for messing up privacy for users results in $0 to users, a lot to lawyers, a lot to law schools that the users have little to do with, and a lot to things google was going to pay anyway. We might reasonably blame the lawyers for this.

"Or are lawyers not unlike 99.99% of IT people who are always skiving and taking bungs? Or so popular belief holds?"

Then popular belief is wrong. You'll see a lot of yelling about IT from everywhere, and a lot of it is true, but usually the administrator earns a lot less than the lawyer and doesn't break things because they hate the users. There are many jobs where things break and IT is blamed, but not all of those are because IT broke it. Also, it has almost nothing to do with the point being made, that one group of lawyers in this situation and perhaps too many lawyers in other positions are not serving the clients they claim to represent in favor of self-serving and adversary-serving decisions.

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