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By most world governments? Have any of them done anything serious?

Well the UK government is busily shutting down most reliable forms of power generations, whilst exorting people to drive electric cars, drawing up plans for a gas boiler ban when there's no affordable, reliable technology anywhere near ready to apply across UK housing stock, and throwing money at all manner of international climate change activities, hurling subsidies form tax or customer bills at all manner of daft schemes to promote the cause of "carbon reduction". Every single policy and government department needs a "climate change" dimension (including the MoD and DoH), and barely a quarter goes by without British officials flying somewhere to take part in a climate change conference, and to preach the cause to other nations, or to conceive some new and daft scheme to reduce carbon emissions (the promotion of diesel cars was a real win for the climate, was it not?).

How much more would you like them to be doing?

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