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"They are a little more accommodating at Manchester in that they will let you sit on the seats"

You used to be able to do this at Filton when it was a pre-booked only tour before they built the museum (took ~15 years to do this which is outstandingly fast for sorting anything out in Bristol ... Bristol has been talking about trams and an arena for decades ... trams have now morphed into "MetroBus" which is about to open one of 3 routes only a couple of years late - and several £10M's over budget - and latest wheeze is to abandon the already arena in cnetral Bristol and covert the Brabazon hangar in Filton, where concorde was built, into an arena ... though as this puts the "Bristol Arena" in South Gloucestershire then the politics are strong on this one ... doubtless this will eventually be served by the Bristol nderground system that the Mayor is now wibbling about)

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