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Possible differences between men and women?

Stating up front that I am not trying to apportion blame, I also don't use stack overflow.

My impression is that SO is equivalent to a male locker room full of autistic jocks. Their behaviour seems fine to them, but anyone not fitting the profile finds the whole thing wierd and agressive.

[I have seen some comments upstream which seem to fit this model.]

As a long term male who doesn't "shoulder bump" to establish my position in the pecking order I have noted on numerous occasions that other males don't quite know how to handle this. When they push, expecting a push back (can be cars, relative rank in the workplace, whatever) and I don't push back they don't seem to know what to do. Am I above or below in the pecking order?

Based on this I offer you a bullshit theory.

From long evolution men and women are fundamentally different (no shit) because they have evolved to fill different roles.

There is one dominant male who gets to breed. All other males are subordinate, with the aim of working their way up the hierarchy until they get the top job. So position in the pecking order is fundamental to their whole being.

The females group together to make raising helpless children safer; sharing the protection and care of the next generation benefits the tribe as a whole and also increases the chance of survival of the individual genetic line. Main strengths are cooperation and tolerance of others to maximise the benefits of living in a close group. So generally tolerant; just don't threaten the children!

There. I think I just mansplained SO and Mumsnet.

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