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Rich white guy who lives in white progressive bubble is patronizing

So some lily white guy who studied drama at Dartmouth and then worked at Merrill Lynch and who no doubt lives in one of the white "progressive ghetto" neighborhoods in NYC preaches the causal racism and self flagellating misandry of his very affluent social class. A typical bubble buffoon who no doubt honed his political opinions at the oh so bien pensant dinner parties he and his ilk frequent.

It seems that the very large number of Indians and Asians who post answers are somehow not non-whites. It seems the only acceptable non white race to be patronizing towards by his type is blacks. Which is exactly what he is doing. People of color is the current "progressive" euphemism for blacks. Its funny how none of the African or Caribbean immigrants I know use this term.

And the reason why the professional programming business is 90% male , and has been for the last 40 years I've known it, is because for the last 40 plus years women have decided they were not interested in pursuing it as a career. The few who do all pretty much move into middle management. Funny how they had no problem decided to go into the bio-sciences, medicine or law, where they are now the majority, but still after all these decades still seem to have a deep aversion to pursuing programming, math or engineering. Absolutely nothing to do with the men in those professions and everything to do with the personal choices made by all those women. It seems like they dont like math. Which is their personal choice. Which is what I thought it was all suppose to be about.

So whats Mr Rich White Dudes solution going to be? Quotas? All posters must fill out a full EEOC race/ethnicity/orientation questionnaire before a post can be accepted? And posts will only be published if they fit whatever affirmative action race / ethnicity profile being pushed by the DOJ this week. Which for the last three decades always means massive discrimination against the Chinese and other Asians and almost no discrimination against rich white people. LIke Mr Rich White Dude. They know how to game the system.

If they employ idiots like this guy you can be pretty sure they have jumped the shark.

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