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Re: Making Non-compliant Encryption Illegal

this is looking even more and more like the war against law abiding citizens owning/carrying guns. Or knives. Because, if such things are illegal, ONLY! THE! CRIMINALS! WILL! HAVE! THEM!!! (and unless "they" will have a qualified officer of the law following me everywhere, online or offline, ready to POUNCE and protect me at a moment's notice, I think it would be better if I did that for myself, ya know? And that includes the use of STRONG encryption that can't easily be cracked)

In short: it's a war by "the elite" to make sure that everyone NOT in their "special people" club may NOT defend themselves, whether it be encryption, or any form of weapon.

What are "they" going to ban NEXT, *MARTIAL* *ARTS* ??? KEYS TO YOUR HOUSE?

At some point the people need to say *ENOUGH*. That point is *NOW*.

icon: because 'big brother' _IS_ watching you [and he needs your 'keys']

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