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>> "So now, in 2018 - 12 years on WTF happened ?"

For me, it's still a case of irritating niggles that do hold a number of Linux distros back. I run Ubuntu 16.04 on my NUC (Windows 7 on most my other machines), and immediately noticed rubbish scrolling speed from my scroll mouse after installing it. Nothing in settings to change it, and Googling around reveals various piles of editing config files and the like to fix this.

Then, I upgraded to 17.10 (I originally had the normal 17.04 distro on before switching to LTS last year). Nice big bug in it because if you use your machine with a KVM and effectively disconnect the monitor via your KVM, the user session crashes completely, all programs are terminated and you are kicked back to the login screen. Searching around revealed no solutions (and lots of people with the issue), hence my move to the 16.04 LTS branch instead.

Then finally there's the issues with VirtualBox. The version packaged by Ubuntu is ancient and no longer supported by Oracle, and is also incompatible with the Meltdown/SPECTRE patches Canonical released a few months back. Downloading the one direct from Oracle won't work with a lot of existing guests I had set up, so again lots of messing around in a command prompt editing apt repositories to try and get a more recent and working version onto my system. I managed it in the end, but it was a lot more of a pain than it should have been.

I do generally like Ubuntu a fair bit, and 16.04 is currently working well on my NUC once I'd ironed out the issues above. However as a mainly Windows user, even more professional and well-supported distros do continue to have some silly rough edges.

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