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David Shaw

Weren't Lotus Notes backdoored with weak Crypto?

I seem to recall that there was a mild kerfuffle when Sweden discovered that all their diplomatic-comms were rooted by Lotus, a 'feature' that they were seemingly unaware of.

looking on yandex.RU, as Slurp sometimes 'forgets', I found a UK document mentioning that it wasn't weak but escrowed crypto. Ray seems to have form!

Secret Swedish E-Mail Can Be Read by the U.S.A.

Fredrik Laurin, Calle Froste, *Svenska Dagbladet*, 18 Nov 1997

One of the world's most widely used e-mail programs, the American Lotus Notes, is not so secure as most of its 400,000 to 500,000 Swedish users believe. To be sure, it includes advanced cryptography in its e-mail function, but the codes that protect the encryption have been surrendered to American authorities. With them, the U.S. government can decode encrypted information. Among Swedish users are 349 parliament members, 15,000 tax agency employees, as well as employees in large businesses and the defense department. ``I didn't know that our Notes keys were deposited (with the U.S.). It was interesting to learn this,'' says Data Security Chief Jan Karlsson at the [Swedish] defense department. Gunnar Grenfors, Parliament director and daily e-mail user, says, ``I didn't know about this--here we handle sensitive information concerning Sweden's interests, and we should not leave the keys to this information to the U.S. government or anyone else. This must be a basic requirement.''

but this *was* over twenty years ago, so I'm sure everything is reasonable now, cough CryptoAG, cough.

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