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I wanted to upgrade my laptop WiFi but found that Lenovo {bless their heart} decided to whitelist such components

Lenovo and HP were both known for that, and it's the main reason that both of those manufacturers were on my "avoid" list for so long. I have an old HP single core laptop that tried pulling that crap with me when I switched out its Broadcom Mini PCI (not PCIE) card, and I was able to find the whitelist in the BIOS image with a hex editor, so I replaced the old PCI ID with the one of the new card, but some firmware images are encrypted now, as I hear, so I don't know how feasible this is anymore.

At least I learned (just about a week ago now as I write this) that HP quit whitelisting in 2014 or so, so any laptop they make that was designed later than that should be okay. The ones that were already in the pipeline when HP made the decision may still have the whitelist.

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