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Apple grounds AirPort once and for all. It has departed. Not gonna fly any more. The baggage is dropped off...

An nonymous Cowerd


I’ve been buying some old Airport gear on eBay, since on of my airport expresses ‘died’. It’s easy to dremel into two halves one with 3-volt psu and other with mini-router, then replace the 3-volt psi with an external wall-wart and stick the working bits inside a hollowed out D-Link case or why. Apple helpfully has all wiring coded black, + black, - black, so some care is needed. I accidentally bought an old terabyte TC as some UK ebayer put it on sale as an ‘express’.

Apple now offer a ‘family’ 200GB of cloud storage (in Maryland or Utah?) for under £3/mo & a terabyte for not much more. I suppose your future time capsule Mac backup will be on somone else’s h/w?

Anyway, don’t throw away ‘dead’ airport stuff, sell it to me on eBay, thanks!

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