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Microservices is a bullshit buzzword bingo with regards to "seeing benefits from cloud applications". What you need to see benefits is higher ability to handle failures at every level (both at an ops as well as dev level), as well as intense ongoing performance evaluation of the product to know how it scales and when to scale. All of these things are incredibly complex to get right for many applications. With intelligent infrastructure the first two are often quite easy to achieve with off the shelf hardware and software(that is typically agnostic to any application stack). The performance testing aspect is complex regardless (depending on application complexity of course).

That has absolutely nothing to do with micro services. If anything micro services dramatically increases the complexity because now you are having to scale many more individual components and watch what kind of impact of scaling those components has in the other components in the system.

That obviously doesn't stop people from trying just look how many companies go down when amazon has an outage (or even service degradation) in their U.S. East facilities.

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