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@ colinb

"oh yeah, 44% of finance exports are to the EU."

So the EU would be pretty dumb to shoot themselves in the foot then.

"Services are mostly people, consultants, waiters, leisure etc.. People are not widgets and cannot be duplicated and packed off for export."

What the hell are you on about?

"There is nothing stopping a EU country matching Germany for exports today, apart from planning and vision."

Oops not a good comparison. West Germany succeeding through capitalism while the East Germany was economically retarded by socialism. Now Germany is in that interesting situation of an undervalued currency while the currency is still being pushed down further through QE. Germany is not a normal manufacturing example.

"0hr contracts are are scam, gives an illusion of employment and inflicted on people who can least choose not to take them. Flexible working does not require 0hr contracts but suits employers of course."

You didnt answer the question. Are you seriously suggesting the EU could fix its unemployment problem through 0hr contracts?

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