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...I work at who "Went Google" had an information office who's stated "We can now just claim we don't have the data. Now that we use Google, have no easy way of searching a back log of e-mail and have no e-mail backups because people can just delete the e-mail, the delete it from the bin and it's gone forever. So we can get away with claiming we no longer have the data".

Ignoring the fact there should be a retention policy. Lucky for them, at least the legal department fought this so they can keep their e-mails. However, their software requires them to continue to use Outlook. So not only do they piss money away on a monthly Google sub, they also have to continue to pay for their Microsoft Office licence because along with the legal department who still require it, the finance department refuse to use anything other than Excel. I doubt blame them, Google Sheets is shit.

Office 365 would of been the better choice. But appear you need a consultant to tell you that despite every fucking one who works there saying Office was a better choice.

Some brown envelopes changed hands no doubt with regarding to the Google move.

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