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"The UK growth is predicted to be the slowest in the G20!"

Please read my comment- "So our growth rate cannot be stunning, it can only be as good as a developed country at full employment under our regulatory limits". Those limits currently including being in the EU as we transition out which means uncertainty and we are still bound by EU regs while coming out of it. Explaining to Charlie why UK growth and EU growth is not comparable because ours is actual/new growth while theirs is catch up growth is relevant to what he said.

"The Services sector make up 79% of UK GBP. Services are hard to export."

Yet it is being done-

"To trade you need to produce things people want."

Pope is cathoilic. How does this add to the discussion (see above).

"Manufacturing and Farming needs to grow for exports to grow, how will that happen with Full Employment and lower immigration."

Manufacturing is up. We have full employment even with higher immigration of the EU (pre-referendum).

"There is full employment, but full of 0 hours contracts."

Are you suggesting the members of the EU could solve their unemployment problems by offering 0hr contracts?

"The new royal baby has been given a french name."

"Trump has not been invited to the Royal Wedding."

Who gives a flying? About the baby or the name or the wedding?

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