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Noise from blast of gas destroys Digiplex data depot disk drives

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I hope you understand that just because you lost say 45% of disks and use mirroring, that doesn't imply there is no data loss - because both mirrors will fail in many cases. I'm sure someone good at calculating odds could figure out if you had say 1000 disks and lost 5%, what the odds are that you lost both ends up a mirror. If you use 6D/2P double parity RAID odds are good you would survive losing 5% of drives, but maybe not 10%.

A stock exchange really should have a remote replica - probably not geographic because latency is going to be a problem, but even a few miles away would insulate it from issues like this one, a power outage that affected both is unlikely to be an issue since that will protect you against one-off issues with a UPS or generator transfer, etc.

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