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"I'm amused that you're getting downvoted for the completely uncontentious statement that the UK can't feed itself."

I downvoted him but not for that statement which as you say is uncontentious. The part which is contentious is- "It has to agree to accept someone else's standards." which is not only rubbish but clueless.

The EU is ever increasing its standards/regulations above places outside the EU and do not have to accept someone elses standards. The rest of the world outside the EU doesnt have to accept EU standards, and can happily live with products and services and regulation that the EU wont tolerate. Yet they can still trade!

One of the arguments to leave is that we would be able to have cheaper food by leaving the EU and their tariffs and regulations to have perfectly fine food at lower costs to a standard we are willing to accept. Like the rest of the world.

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