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BOFH: Data protection

BOFH to PFY: It's time to destroy the employee records of the senior management team

PFY: Er, they are still working upstairs...

BOFH: No worries, they soon wont be, and they will not be able to return as there will be no record of them ever having existed at this company...

PFY: How's that?

BOFH: Well, remember a few years ago we change the payroll system to pay out via that Panama based holding company, their own records will not show they worked here, ours will match once you have destroyed the paperwork, and I'll delete all their accounts from the systems, which of course are numbers not names.

PFY: What will happen then?

BOFH: We will re-plan the top floor with cubicles instead of offices, cover it in piles of our own paperwork and sit back...

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