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Not necessarily. Given my bank balance, postcode and own business I should be an obvious Tory voter

Same here.

The current torrent of criticism of May and Rudd

I do not need to be a Labour supporter to start choking when I hear verbatim quotes from Stalin and Hitler speeches at a Tory party conference. One has killed one quarter of my family tree, the other one the other.

They are really verbatim quotes by the way. Rudd was verbatim quoting out of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, May was verbatim quoting out of Stalin's speech in the Kremlin on the 24th of May 1945 which signified the beginning of the second stage of his campaign against the Jews as well as the follow-up speeches by Stalin and Zhdanov. I do not think you can go any more racist than these golden standards.

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