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@ Charlie Clark

"Oh, we established that a while ago."

Oh please do tell me how you reached your conclusion.

"There again the counter-factual argument that conveniently can't be proven or, and this is your point, disproven. And, as long as things don't go your way, you can continue to assert sabotage."

Actually it can be proven. If we want to leave the EU we can literally just leave the EU with nothing more to it. If you somehow believe that cant be done then you are going to have to give at least some reasoning. As for payments, borders and whatever, yes negotiation would be good, but it is not necessary. We literally can leave without a deal. I dont understand how you cannot grasp that.

"In point of fact leaving the EU does require negotiation over precisely the areas the EU requested: the rights of EU citizens in the UK; accounting for liabilities; the border between the Republic of and Northern Ireland."

No. It requires none of that. All of that would be good to negotiate but none of it is required and if the EU refuses to negotiate we can walk away and give none of it. Zero. Zip. The EU is entitled to squat. And without negotiation we would still have left hence leave hence without requiring a negotiation to be out of the EU. That is factual.

"the UK also wants a free trade agreement and barrier-free access to single market. How's that supposed to happen without negotiation?"

Bingo 100% it is a want. The EU wants money and a border and various rights for citizens. This is where negotiation comes in. It is not a requirement. But it would be a good thing to have a mutually beneficial parting.

"Currently, of course, the markets seem to be pricing in a deal that includes remaining in the customs union."

It does seem that way. The return to normal in repairing the economy has stalled as it looks like we might remain. While it looked like we were getting brexit the BoE was looking to remove some of the stimulus from the recession. Something the US has been doing for a while and something the EU still only dreams of being possible as it increases QE

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