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I must be a stooge for Putin

Oh, we established that a while ago.

To negotiate brexit is pretty simple…

There again the counter-factual argument that conveniently can't be proven or, and this is your point, disproven. And, as long as things don't go your way, you can continue to assert sabotage.

In point of fact leaving the EU does require negotiation over precisely the areas the EU requested: the rights of EU citizens in the UK; accounting for liabilities; the border between the Republic of and Northern Ireland.

But there's more: the UK also wants a free trade agreement and barrier-free access to single market. How's that supposed to happen without negotiation?

Currently, of course, the markets seem to be pricing in a deal that includes remaining in the customs union. Presumably only a leadership challenge or a general election will change this. But the markets have been wrong before…

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