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Oh you meant the rocket?

I thought you meant "flesh wound guy".

Now the question becomes - which one is Britain?

I'm thinking "Brave" Sir Robin..

Which makes the EU a quad amputee in plate armour with a serious problem with reality.

As to GPS/Galileo - the general use GPS are set to a certain accuracy - ie a given point ±10ft/15ft. You can get much more accurate pinpoints by using military grade gear off the same system that can reduce the ± to with 5ft but if I remember right these have to be licensed and allowed to use the more detailed function. Ie you have to be able to buy the high accuracy decoder and that's how EU-ites could interfere by blocking use/sale in the UK, kind of like sanctions.

I very much doubt it'll happen because even if the politicians are stupid enough, there are too many industries relying on high accuracy GPS including agriculture, bulk transport, many water based industries such as fishing (for fishing for the right catch in the right place for a start).

Our little dictator T.May (do you remember an election? I don't) along with Cameron have stirred up a hornets nest and more importantly have made EU officials do work for the first time in their miserable lives.. And they fully intend to sting us for the privilege, so hard that even our grandchildren say ouch..

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