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@ Charlie Clark

"The usual approach is to claim that any problems are because it is the right kind of Brexit or it is being done by the wrong people"

Interestingly so far the complaint from leave voters seems to be that there is a distinct effort to remain or to get in the way of brexit. Primarily by May who doesnt seem to be willing to just walk away from the EU even if it is the right thing to do (the EU refusing to negotiate).

However so far we hear the following from remain-

>We didnt have a recession after the result because it was assumed article 50 would be the day after (the cause of recession).

>We didnt have recession after handing in article 50 because we are still in the EU.

>We have good economic news because we are in the EU.

>We have bad economic news because we voted leave.

>We cant tell the difference between good and bad news (thanks Osborne/Carney) and think the falling pound, rising inflation, increasing base rate and cooling housing market are bad news even if it has been the aim of the gov and BoE since 2008 and is still their aim to recover from the last recession.

It is amazing to listen to people argue against economic recovery to remain in the EU who is still desperately digging itself out of the last recession at the same time fearing the US who is unwinding the stimulus and so were we when hard brexit looked certain.

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