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@ Doctor Syntax

"No, we don't. We're saying "we told you so" because - well, we did tell you so. That's not the same thing at all."

To provide the full section you selectively quote- "Oddly every time it looks like we will give in to the EU the benefits reduce, the remainers rejoice". We are telling you so, the BoE is telling you so as the base rate rise coming because of inflation is put off because hard brexit looks less likely. Remain is causing damage, and demanding more (to remain).

"A bit of mea culpa from the leavers would be appropriate but I don't think it'll happen"

I have said plenty that the reduction of the currency and economic recovery due to it was not caused by the leave vote, although I accept the timing was due to the leave vote. If you want to credit leave voters with the success I will let you though.

"At some point it'll transpire that nobody actually voted leave because nobody can be found who'll claim to have done so"

You mean like Euro supporters in the UK who labelled people like me 'eurosceptic'. A word that fell out of favour when we were proved right and the last time I asked where such Euro supporters vanished to a single AC stepped up. I expect remainers will again be the ones to vanish when they realise they are wrong, again.

"Giving up the pound in favour of the euro will, of course be the price"

I almost fell off my seat at that. You are trumpeting success of not being in the Euro. Something we eurosceptics opposed joining and proved clearly we were right. Yet the desire for more Europe and federalising would probably drag us into accepting the Euro in future or leaving a project we have opt outs for anyway. If the EU is so good why are you not advocating joining it fully? I do appreciate you realise the Euro would be a cost not a gain.

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