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My point was about buying, not selling.

Not being in the EU or the US does not prevent us applying standards for selling to that market (although it may or may not prevent us selling to them full stop for certain very specific instances, as per this article).

Not being in the EU or the US may well prevent us from keeping current standards when buying from any market (i.e. If the US want to reduce standards in return for a trade deal, this then weakens standards for products from any market including the US, in a race to the bottom).

This isn't a fantasy, the right wing of the Tories have been trying to attack EU employment rights for years, and Tory opposition to the ECHR (which we set up *headdesk*) in favour of a 'similar' British bill of rights (why bother, unless it is weaker than the ECHR) is well known c.f. all those inconvenient people trying to avoid deportation, and pesky appeals with the DWP from people who deign to suggest that perhaps points assessments on disability living allowance carried out by people who have targets of assessments to fail, are commercially driven, and aren't doctors are not in their interest.

When the Tories said they would 'make work pay', some idiots interpreted this as an increase in benefits, instead (to no surprise, well, not mine) they slashed and victimised benefit claimants. See also the ongoing hard line on immigration, and the recent Windrush scandal. When they have a decent idea (universal credit) the implementation is poor, and insufficiently funded (the architect of UC was on Radio 4 and defended the concept, but said it had to have more money dedicated to it to make it work). The direction is crystal clear : you're going to receive less from the state when in need.

(in the interests of balance, the other political parties aren't much better. LD were complicit with the Tories, and Labour only started to modify their policies less than six months before the last but one general election when they realised it was a vote winner).

You might think this is all irrelevant, and I have the fortunate position of being in a varied and moderately well paid IT job, so I can cope and have planned for a few ups and downs. However, I have broken bones in the past due to accidents, and any one of us could be disabled in a hit and run accident. I don't fancy my chances of coping with a life changing event in a post Brexit Tory driven world, but it appears to be what the majority are happy with.

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