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"Emmanuel Macron has already announced that London is the sixth biggest French city."

FYI, that stat was being bandied around long before Macron came to power. IIRC, the number of French living in the UK was conflated with the number in London alone, inflating the figure.

A quick search and he quote seems to have originated in 2008

BBC April 2014

"I got the ball back very firmly over the net, folks," said {Boris} Johnson, "because I said there were 250,000 French men and women in London and therefore I was the mayor of the sixth biggest French city on earth."

Johnson wasn't the first to make this statement about the size of London's French contingent. It was aired in the French media when Nicolas Sarkozy visited London as French president in 2008 and has been repeated many times since, including by the BBC.

When asked, the consulate said this figure was for the whole of the UK, although most of those French people would be in the capital.

This is at odds with the figure from the UK's Office for National Statistics (ONS). It carries out a household survey once a year and its most recent one says there are 123,000 French nationals in the whole of the UK and only 66,000 are in London.

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