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What we're seeing happening is the inevitable result of the poorly thought out treaties that make up the EU. They're rubbish. The problem with all of them is that no one ever sat down and discussed what the treaties should say in detail about happens when things go wrong. Talking about failure cases in treaty discussions is poor manners, apparently, and so treaties rarely mention anything useful for dealing with them.

And before anyone starts saying that Brexit is the first such example, it isn't. The crisis in the Euro zone is the first example, and that's been a litany of bodge and improvisation, because the treaties behind the Euro say nothing about what should happen if a member country goes bust, or turned out to be fabricating it's GDP figures.

BTW, Germany has done pretty well out of exploiting that, but it's beginning to unravel for Germany's economy. German economic downturn and the rise of the Right? Scared yet?!

The refusal of the EU politicians to discuss failure cases in advance and decide what to do about them makes it very weak in comparison to, say, the USA federation. Treaties are a plan for what to do, and good plans cover every plausible eventuality.

The Concorde treaty was a good plan, it had detailed exit conditions that were ruinous. They were the only reason the plane got built.

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