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Are you one of those folk who think we should replace EU food and safety standards (generally developed with a lot of UK input) by American ones (which the UK will not have influence over and which generally appear to be lower than EU ones)? Just asking.

I'm one of those people that don't see any need to change them at all, unless you're suggesting that the EU won't let "us" use "their" standards??

Have you really not thought about this at all?

You can try and apply whatever standards you want, but if they become a sticking point in receiving sufficient income and resources to enable the UK to run successfully, what do you think the government will do?

The UK in exiting the single market are losing favourable terms with our largest trading partner. We need to maintain suitable income via imports and exports, and being an isolationist country (self sufficiency without other countries) hasn't been viable for over eighty years. So, we need other trading agreements.

Let's look at the other options.

India. India will be willing to trade with us. One price will be increased immigration, and if they have any sense, British citizenship for immigrants. Personally I don't have a problem with that, but the more racist brexiteers will.

China. China are already forming close alliances. The UK will (are already) selling off great swathes of our national infrastructure to China. When China dumped a load of cheap steel on the world market and it affected the industry, the UK's response was to veto an EU import tariff. The opinion of a British director of a UK company (on Radio 4) who works closely with the Chinese is that we are a soft country who receive far too much for too little. Expect to pay more for less in the future.

USA. The orange orangutan has already made it abundantly clear that 'America first' involves shitting all over the UK. Fighting the UK for valuable financial services, and tariffs on the aerospace industry are but two recent examples. There will be terms for dealing with the USA, and you know, all those food hygiene standards, and public healthcare systems just get in the way of a healthy US profit, don't you know?

Whilst we're at it, now that we're leaving the EU, things such as guaranteed holidays and the EU working time directive aren't really necessary, are they? After all, anyone that can't fund that themselves obviously isn't working hard enough, and needs to be incentivised with less money. In the same way the Tories withdrew money from the chronically disabled, as that always makes them more likely to concentrate on finding work..

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