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We didn't rejoice about the result because we could see what would happen. We're not rejoicing now that what we said is starting to become obvious because, frankly. it's nothing to rejoice about: it never was, it isn't now and it isn't going to be.

1) We haven't left yet. We're still in the negotiation stage. Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, remember?

2) All the things Project Fear told us that were going to happen the moment the referendum result was announced (instant recession, emergency budgets, etc.) have failed to materialise. So you'll perhaps excuse our scepticism when you make predictions about events that are even further off into the future and with more uncertainty associated with them.

Remoaners such as yourself are mistaking threatening statements announced as part of the EU's negotiating strategy as gospel truths. There is only one concrete financial certainty related to Brexit. If the UK walks away without a deal, the EU will be left with a £14 billion hole in its budget. A pretty scary prospect considering that more than one continental European country is technically bankrupt, with several others teetering on the brink.

So much for that Royal Flush! ;)

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