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Can somebody please explain to this poor thick Irishman what the British politicians think is going on?

Look at it this way: a small part of a large empire is getting fed up with having little control over how the empire is run, while still being exploited to cough up taxes. many of its people have left to find a better future elsewhere. A few determined people, through a mix of fair means and foul, finally persuade their countrymen to vote to leave. The empire is trying to make it difficult, and laughing at the ridiculous idea they anyone wants to leave, but they eventually have to give in.

Over time that small part forges a strong relationship with the US, and other world powers, and eventually gets to hold up it's head proudly. Even their old colonial lords recognize them.

Now, let's fast-forward from 1921 Ireland, and reflect on the parallels with the modern-day situation of the EU empire and the wishes of its client states...

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