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>Why is an EU-wide military alliance "the EU Army" considered to be a symptom of federalism and NATO isn't?

NATO was born out of the cold war and did was it was supposed to do, possibly until it expanded into conflicts outside Europe. Member states are clear that it is a defence alliance, not part of a federation.

The EU Army is part of the EU project and a French brain baby. That alone makes for a federal issue. The UK, if it has to be repeated, was always for a trade block but very much against a federal EU. France on the opposite side wanted a federal United States of Europe to "counter" the US, one that could be ruled by France. The French were confident about this since Germany would never make military decisions over other countries, and I hope the reasons are obvious.

The results ere seen in the less than glorious Balkans Wars where EU succeeded in ... well, doing nothing other than issuing threats. nothing happened until the US and Russia airlifted troops into Balkan. And I really had hoped people would not have forgotten that. Then again, how many have forgotten Srebrenica?

So the reasoning for fearing a federal EU-wide military "alliance" is very real.

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