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Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever

Paul Smith

What planet are you on?

Can somebody please explain to this poor thick Irishman what the British politicians think is going on?

A rather small and self interested group of people supported by the media they owned managed to force/trick/con a tiny majority of the British population into thinking that leaving the EU would be a good idea. OK, well sh1t happens and maybe leaving is the right thing for the British nation (though I strongly doubt it) but having then (unnecessarily) signed and delivered divorce papers to Europe, why on earth would anybody think they would be able to keep the best silver or that their requests for a quickie 'for old times sake' would be granted? Sorry lads (and lasses), the only people who do well from a divorce are the lawyers. If the costs of Galileo, or any other project that British politicians representing British voters agreed to is increased by the actions of British politicians, then British voters and tax payers will have to pay those costs.

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