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Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever

Boris the Cockroach Silver badge

the simplest solution to the EU refusing access to Galileo is to ask for a refund of the money we paid into the EU to fund it in the first place.

So not only does the EU lose our contribution to the budget, but they also have to pay us the cost of any joint project they want to throw us out of.

But more realistically, what is happening now is exactly what I predicted after the vote..... that the big politicians and unelected arses are shouting "WE WON'T ALLOW THE OTHER SIDE TO DO THAT" while the mid level diplomats from both sides are crafting an agreement that lets both sides say they won.

A pox on both their houses I say (and on a personal note, I'd vote remain if I could vote on who was in charge of the EU)

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