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Blighty stuffs itself in Galileo airlock and dares Europe to pull the lever

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As an overarching body which contains the vast majority of the member states of the ESA, it is absolutely in the EU's interest to remove a country which is being politically hostile for No Good Reason as this strengthens the power of member states while weakening the belligerent state.

The fact that the EU has gone from grumpily accepting that the UK was a big fish within it's membership to gleefully throwing the book at us while we look at our hand full of blank cards to their royal flush should come as a surprise to nobody.

If this game were monopoly, we have no money and just landed on the EU's Mayfair with a hotel.

If this game were Settlers of Catan, we have three cities around a 6 tile that the EU keeps putting the robber back on.

If this game were Scrabble, we're looking at seven Zs while the EU has actual letters

If this game were Snakes and ladders, we just fell down the big snake while the EU climbed the big ladder last turn

If this game were Go, we just noticed that a key group has been put in Atari while we were concentrating elsewhere

If this game were Chess, our Queen just got taken and that put us into check

If this game were Draughts, the EU just took four of our pieces and Kinged themselves in the same move

If this game were Magic the Gathering, we haven't seen a land forever since we built the deck so badly

If this game were Yu-gi-oh, the EU just summoned Exodia following us making them draw a load of cards

If this game were D&D, our cleric just died and ten more goblins appeared in a round.

Have I made myself clear?

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