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Skype for Consumer reborn

I was worried when I read the headline because I know families use Skype, but that's Skype for Consumer. They've only killed off the Skype for Business app app and only on the Windows Phone, it seems. Phew!

Most people are using Skype (for Consumer) on their mobile phone now anyway but our friends family was looking for a way to get their elderly parents onto Skype. There are some new Skype video phones that work since Microsoft bought Skype: Several small tablets for those with good vision and hearing that run Skype and do basic email, weather, photo sharing and medication management, such as the Gabrial tablet. The Konnekt Videophone for seniors, which does video calling, family calls and photo sharing. And I'd include iPad, for younger seniors, because there are lots of used ones around and you can add Skype and setup icons, put tape over the volume controls and around the charging plug, and mount it on a stand or wall so it can't be moved out of WiFi range or misplaced where it'd not be heard or go flat.

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic but it might help some families who worried about the headlines like me.

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