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Console EOL = unlock to allow custom firmware?

I'm curious to see what others would think of this idea. If a console is EOL with no new games produced and only second-hand games as the way to purchase ones you don't own, would it be unreasonable to have the manufacturer release an optional firmware that allows users to do whatever they want? You would have express conditions to install this firmware, among them the fact you lose the ability to play your existing games, and couldn't do it accidentally. You could also go back to the last official release to play normal games again.

The manufacturer wouldn't be making any money on old consoles or games and it would only benefit those who want to do more with a product they own or could get relatively cheaply. Anyone wanting to hack a system to get free games will find a way to do that regardless. I didn't give pros / cons a lot of thought but I see manufacturers as never doing it because it gives them nothing in return. Maybe they could charge a nominal fee for the firmware? $10 to unlock your Switch (when it's finished) for whatever you want to do with it?

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