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Happy having Amazon tiptoe into your house? Why not the car, then? In-trunk delivery – what could go wrong?

Jemma Silver badge

Would love to see the look...

On Millennial von Nerks face if he/she/it/ze/whatever tried to do that with my car..

Its a '71 Wolseley landcrab so it'd probably take them 20 minutes to figure out which end is which - let alone how to get into the boot. For those unfamiliar with the ADO17 - imagine what you'd get if a chrome bumper MGB mated with a chronically obese Dalek - let Pininfarina loose on it for a while and you have the 1800 and 18/85. That said its not unattractive and it's surprisingly modern in some respects.

That's if they didn't confuse it with a Type 40 with a dicky chameleon circuit. It's certainly bigger inside than out. Same size on the outside as a mid 2000s Focus, bigger on the inside than a modern Mundano. Quite worrying from a progress point of view that it's the same size as my Hyundai Accent (2005) to within inches - but can carry 6 comfortably - has almost the same top speed in 4th and does 35-37mpg with all the aerodynamic finesse of a garage door. All in a vehicle that started design in `58. And not a blind spot in sight. But I do wince alot more for the poor thing over our awful roads - the interlinked hydrolastic gives fantastic ride but even with that it's dodge the potholes.

But I digress - this cannot happen in the UK - it would invalidate car insurance on the spot and might also invalidate (or at least cause a rejected claim) on house insurance if you tried to claim on that for the en-nicked item. It's beyond stupid. But I'm sure someone will get caught out - they always do.

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