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UK 'meltdown' bank TSB's owner: Our IT migration was a 'success'

Electric Panda

It'll be like the household name megacorp I used to provide my services to.

Under normal circumstances, you could barely move for suffocating red tape and doing the simplest of things was like staging a military operation to be viewed by the Queen.

Ridiculous acronyms (often used in wildly different contexts - no, not that "IFA" used by the backup team, the other "IFA" used by the firewall guys etc.), impenetrable processes with "beware of the leopard" approach to documentation and how this process actually worked, hand-offs between five different teams when it could and should be done by just one etc. This was the norm until something was considered "high priority" and would be exposed to millions of paying customers, or seniors set an arbitrary deadline.

At that point things became suspiciously efficient. No lead times, the red tape was swept aside, no silly interpretive dancing through utterly byzantine and farcical processes - and everything was relentlessly escalated. Any jobsworth who stood their ground was absolutely trundled over.

To be honest it was very refreshing and in retrospect I do wish it had happened more often.

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