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Mr Hoppy!

Or more like...

"So what is it this time, Clive. Why are you late back from the TSB?"

"Well dear, you'll never believe it... I was just about to fill in some details on a change of account form when a highly skilled computer hacker who served time for infecting the FBI's Carnivore program with a computer virus, was forced by someone called Gabriel to use his hacking skills to siphon $9.5 billion from several government slush funds.

Anyway, Stanley secretly coded a back door in his hydra hacking program that reversed all the money transfers after a short period. So Gabriel and his men stormed the bank branch, and strapped a ball-bearing-based Claymore to me and used threatened innocent people, forcing Stanley to drain all the bank accounts. And they kidnapped his daughter too. So that's what's happened to all the money from our accounts dear, and it really happened."

"That's the plot of the film Swordfish. What really happened?"

"I was being pegged by a 12" monster BBC across the console in the computer room at the bank, and I came all over the keyboards."

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