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Paul Pester... Really?

Do any of these organisations ever consider people's names when they choose a CEO? off the top of my head only Nickolas Steal would be more apt for a bank CEO.

It's almost as bad as calling a girl after a 70s Toyota (Cressida) after fate has stuck its finger in and given her the surname Dick.. And *then* she joined the police - Monkey Dust couldn't make *that* one up and they gave us Ivan "I only confessed so they'd take my nuts out of the magimix" Dobsky and Mr Hoppy...

"People on the toilet" was far far far too prescient - although a 2G1C Kardashian cross over would possibly be the "end of the beginning" of a suitable revenge. Them and every soap - but I'm thinking pig farm slurry pits, head first, for anyone involved in Hollyoaks.

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