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Even Microsoft's lost interest in Windows Phone: Skype and Yammer apps killed

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Why wasted money? I bought my Lumia 735 nearly 3 years ago. It still works. OK, the Met Office app stopped working in February - just in time for us to get all that snow. And a bunch of other apps are no longer supported - so it's clear the phone is on the way out. But that's still way more support lifetime than any Android phone - Google only guarantee 2 years of updates on theirs Nexus/Pixels.

I'd do better with Apple, but then the cheapest iPhone is over £400, and I paid £130 for my Win Phone. I'm sad that they're killing it off, but I can't say I feel ripped off.

Even when I bought into Win Pho 7 and got stranded on that with the upgrade to Win Pho 8 (because of hardware requirements and MS incompetence) I was still happy. Sure I didn't get the latest shiny, but MS gave 2 major feature updates to Win Pho 7 and brought across about half of the shinies available on Win Pho 8, as well as giving 2-3 more years of patches.

Windows Phone has always been rubbish for apps - and most of the ones I use have a decent mobile-friendly website, so I just pin that to the homepage.

It's still a shame they've killed it though. I'm sure it could have been a contender at the cheaper end, with consistent support. And with cooperation with Nokia, they could even have done some fancy camera stuff to sell at the premium end.

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