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Why on the good earth was Microsoft's premier telephonic application ever even a separate distinct application on their premier telephonic product?

I know Skype integrated very well, so well that this news just booked us buying a crate of LUMIA 950XL just for the purpose of a smart Skype walkabout in the office, if nobody will be seen dead carrying one outside.

I realise this sounds like I am clamouring for a avuncular relationship, which just isn't going to happen, with Microsoft barely out of their salad days, but I expect from my software overlords a complete solution including telephony. Google can do it. Kinda. I keep forgetting which app is being shuttered next.... Hmm... Maybe this telephone lark is a financial mugs game. I think it must be. But I have to make plans on a decade plus timeframe. I have to assume that the application code we write today will still be chugging along come 2030 and beyond, if I'm to keep my job.*

And today we face a existential telephonic crisis because the new generations are not actually using voice telephony. It was bad enough to start out needing to get past gatekeepers to reach anyone who could do anything in business, but then I grew up and my contemporaries and I all acquired gatekeepers ourselves (even if mine is the force field of ingrained antipathy and synaptic scar tissue radiation still reverberating since our Oracle shop days) and yet woe betide you dare try to get a millennial in the end of the blower: only helicopter parents and social workers must have done that while they grew up "drop calling" one another and texting stuff they really didn't know would be understood by the other end, only teenage indifference to reality enabled a false sense of understanding... The experience is such a fright of passive aggressive silence... and this is the generation demanding care and consideration, oh my then stop biting this food hand I'm nursing here why don't you...

Oh yeah, back to being a mature fourth decade OFH, listen Dude Redmond Guy, We Pay T-H-I-S MUCH MOOLAH to you because we're really very happy when we forget reason and ho with your office not quite a year was that the extra nine you couldn't afford or did three quarters look funny on the logo, cos it wouldn't on my logs...

I mean we like the new slurpy stuff because we pay even another order of magnitude than most people to have the thing privatised to our desire. Self Slurp. (Great for security, think about it.)

But I really think that our contract alone could have paid for Windows Phone to carry on.

The sorry state of affairs is that if they only finally come out with anything at all, even in another year, we'll forgive them. If only they build atop what they can do now. Or yesterday. Or just all that they used to be good at..

*This is me, co-founder here, planning our to my last natural years in my business life. I grew up with Microsoft. Alongside, I may better say, because it was 1999 before I felt confident that we could go places with the OS, and if you learned how to write COM, COM+ etc, you're still good to today. I lived programmatically the life of any garden stone roof dweller, so long as it wasn't overturned, or I can withstand the glare, it's always nice and dank and warm under here. They don't fff with this work level, down here. Ever. And the awesomeness of hiding out in the dingly dwelling dankness just happens to be called a Mr. Don Box. You know, chief architect at Azure. Who designed the stuff I was just getting scatalogical about. And it's strangely...samey..whodda thunk? This is so cool to blog about it even if I know it's the reason I'll finally do a blog plop on the internet's, I almost don't want to say anything about this. But I have. The Azure plumbing is old skool Don Box, and if you ever found his books the salvation of fixing a VB OLE object to which source was never probably even backed up, and you want to change oh about anything of it, so you're living the COM raw memory interface definitions (which for their kind are actually loveable,), well Don is the don for all that. Azure is the absolute proof that Microsoft has come full circle to the early nineties. In this scenario, for the long term, it's a good thing.

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