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Re: No Slater did not intentionally set it up.

> The fact that Slater had gone to Indonesia for the purpose of taking photos of monkeys, and a photo was taken using his equipment laid out for the purpose of er, taking photos, is quite sufficient.

I disagree here.

There has to be a creative step to claim copyright (at least under US law). There has to be a creative step by the claimer of copyright.

A camera dropping out of your pocket while entering a car on the way to the Egyptian cat tombs that you'd travelled to photograph, falling in the street, and a cat bumping it to take a photo are not sufficient.

There has to be the step of deliberately setting that up - lots of cats walk past this spot, let's place a camera here and see if one of them will set it off.

If Slater could win legal cases supporting his copyright, he would be filing - and winning - them. But he has unsuccessfully pressed his claims for copyright, and PETA have unsuccessfully pushed for claims of the monkeys copyright.

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