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Revenge pornography ban tramples free speech, law tossed out – where else but Texas!

LucreLout Silver badge

Having to claim freedom of speech for such things means you have run out of rational arguments, as to why you think such things are acceptable in a civilized society.

Clearly they're not acceptable.

The bit I struggle with is how circulating photos of your ex's norks left looking like a plasterers radio, can in anyway be classified as "speech". Surely the intent of free speech was that discussion of literally anything could not then be rendered verbotten because of the whims of the current executive.

Tammy from Texas really shouldn't have to worry about what Billy Joe did with the naughty pictures she let him take before moving on to a better relationship. If he spaffs them all over the internet, then he should be birched or prosecuted - depends if the state get him before her brothers.

The lasting harm publication of such private pictures do to the women (and their children) involved surely must outweight considerations towards a bitter and vengeful ex-partner?

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