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I got 99 secure devices but a Nintendo Switch ain't one: If you're using Nvidia's Tegra boot ROM I feel bad for you, son

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It is about free games for the vast majority of people. I might actually buy a Switch if the games are free. After all there is little other reason to by the crappiest of the latest generation of consoles.

Yeah, I overheard a staffer in a shop lying to a customer, saying the Switch replaced the Wii U...

No, it didn't. There isn't a Switch equivalent of Wii Fit U (or any other version of Wii Fit for that matter) and it won't run the Wii / Wii U versions, so it can't replace my Wii U. (I only really have it for Wii Fit, thanks, otherwise I'd have bought something else or nothing at all. The late Mrs Cynic thought it was a good idea, and I didn't disagree, so that's what we bought.)

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