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I can hurt other people because this is my "free speech". Really?

Next, they will rule that shooting at people in Texas is also a form of constitutionally protected free speech.

Your logic is scarier. Your logic is If [expression] is hurtful toward [someone], then government bans it. For now this [expression] is just pictures.

At one point, that [someone] is replaced with the allies, the enemies, and then the government themselves. BAM you get today's communist China censorship. For a reference, If [picture of Winne the Pooh] is hurtful toward [the president], the government bans it. Yes, it's very hard to find pictures of Winne the Pooh in China.

There are a lot of things that the government and laws shouldn't be involved. Expression is one. They should just let the social media bans them instead. Also 'shooting at people' can be considered physically hurting someone, so the government can just say that's attempted murder/ murder.

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