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No, it's about principles, not freeloading.

The principle in question being the right to full and unrestricted access to your own legally purchased property, now and forever, without it ever being arbitrarily "expired" by the manufacturer.

The fact that manufacturers even have the ability to deny you access to your own legally purchased property, using the pretext of ethereal "intellectual property" precedence, is a violation of real property rights and an affront to the entire concept of property ownership. It essentially transforms all transfer of legal title under the law, otherwise known as the sale of goods, into a sort of quasi-rental Ponzi scheme, in which you pay full price for supposed "ownership", but without ever really getting to own that which you paid for.

If these "IP" fanatics want to lease their toys to us, then the transaction should be clearly identified as a lease, not a sale, and the price should be drastically reduced to more accurately reflect the transient nature of the customer's access.

As it stands, we get to buy the house but have no access to the kitchen, which remains owned by Burger King and from which we must buy our meals on a daily basis. Until they decide to stop, shut up shop but retain ownership of an empty kitchen, for reasons of market speculation, at which point we have no choice but to abandon the house we supposedly "own" and buy another.

Sorry, but that's just a racket and should be a criminal offence. Sadly, however, that seems to be the main purpose of "IP" in the modern age, as a weapon to undermine real property rights, forcing consumers to abandon perfectly serviceable real property and re-purchase it over and over again, for no legitimate reason.

If having full and unrestricted access to their legally purchased property means that some people abuse that right to cause harm, then so be it, that's not my responsibility, but I'll be damned if I'm going to be treated like a criminal just because other people break the law.

Frankly, I have about the same respect for these "IP" fanatics' property rights as they have for mine, which is clearly none.

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