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Petty PETA rapped by judges over monkey selfie copyright stunt

Malcolm Weir Silver badge

@Claptrap314 (an apt name) Most rulings out of the ninth district are entirely sane. You're probably parroting the thought based on the fact the 9th is the circuit that's overturned the greatest number of time, which is true but deceptive, because the 9th is the largest circuit. Working purely on numbers, the 9th is the circuit that is NOT overturned the most frequently! Working on percentages, it's not unusual for some of the circuits to be overturned 100% of the time (because only one or two decisions make it to the supreme court).

All that said, the is nothing inconsistent with the claim that the photo was the work of the monkey AND the assertion that the photographer owns the copyright. If I set up my camera and hand a trigger to the model, the model doesn't suddenly own the copyright just because it was their (not my) finger on the button, otherwise photographic assistants would be out of a job. The setup of the shot is as, or more, important than the tripping of the shutter.

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