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Petty PETA rapped by judges over monkey selfie copyright stunt

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No because they made a settlement before the judge made this verdict. What happened is every time PETA lost they appealed . Fucknuts (AKA PETA) had more money then him so he settled and both asked for the suit to be dismissed. The judge said no for two reasons. One they already started deliberation two they said there was an interest in making a legal finding that animals do not have rights. the reason for this is peta has brought similar law suits and when it looked like it they were going to lose the dropped the suit. The judge felt like this was gaming the system. For now on the west coast PETA will have to appeal to the supreme court or except in the 9th district they can no longer bring these kinds of law suits


What makes you think the 9th does not routinely hand out sane judgements ?

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