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"She isn't being taught Biology.

She's being taught how to pass the Biology A level exam."

That's it, that's it right there. That's the God's honest truth in black and white! Well said sir/madam.

Kids are not taught for fun, enjoyment or to gain a career they love, they're taught simply to pass exams in the hope that they'll just find something they like and having a degree from Scumbag University on the outskirts of Manchester will prove they're not completely stupid. I can't understand anyone not wanting to immerse themselves in something the love.

My daughter loves English, loves reading. They're supposed to read for at least 30 mins a day in her class, she regularly gets through 1 or 2 books a week, even the hard going classics. She's already getting A* grades in English a year early before her GCSEs. I have no idea why or how, neither my wife or I read very much but I think it's all about finding something you have a passion for and being encouraged to chase it and enjoy it. Revising with my daughter the overnight in naming the layers of the Earth's crust for her geology GCSE and I was on the brink of walking up to the local dentist to have a root-canal without anesthetic, simply because it would have been less painful! Each to their own I suppose!

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